Herb n Oyster Mushroom Farm


mushrooming since 2001...

         traveling from the flatlands to the foothills....

                      our journey continues growing you the very best...




    We are a small farm north of Madison, WI specializing in growing unique, gourmet and medicinal mushrooms. All of our fresh mushrooms are grown by us with the utmost care and quality.  We are committed to sustainable agriculture and grow chemical free using local wood, organic straw and grain.  Spent material gets composted on farm for fertility and also used as mulch. What sets us apart?  Our years of experience... growing high quality unique varieties consistently for years. We have grown for our Madison area customers, markets and chefs since 2007 and continue pushing forward bringing you something different.


       It all started around the turn of the century...2001. We were living in coastal Maine and devoured everything we could on organic market farming, permaculture, mycology, herbs, health, vermicomposting, self sufficiency/homesteading, and environmentalism. We read books and books from inspirational authors such as Helen and Scott Nearing, Elliot Coleman, Paul Stamets, and Ruth Stout. We went to inspirational conferences, garden days, and The Common Ground Fair. We joined the Maine Mycological Society.  We were hooked and dreamed of someday having our own farm.


           We were ready to plant our seeds, buy a farm and live the dream. So we did! 


     From the start we have aimed to bring new gourmet mushrooms and mushroom products to the market that were not already being offered. Now we make weekly deliveries to local restaurants and we vend at the DCFM, Westside, and Eastside Markets. We strive to be new, unique, and original. Freshness, consistency, and quality are of highest priority to our small farm. It is important that our farm is green. That is why we source our materials locally and organically, compost our spent material, and recycle all plastic bags.  We generate little to no waste. Even the mushroom stems and the mushroom uglies but goodies are turned into products!


     So now we continue our dream. Work our butts off. Pick at all hours of the day, every day of the week...even holidays. Never have a vacation. And are living the good life! Thank you to all of our regular weekly market customers and chefs.  All those beautiful faces, weekly conversations, and wonderful comments about our mushrooms have encouraged us to keep truckin. Thank you!



-Kari and Joe



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*Wisconsin Local Foods Journal 2012 Vendor of the Month (February)


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 our lions mane mushroom made the top 5 'Delicious Discoveries'!


*Edible Madison Winter Issue 2012


*Isthmus Daily Page- Featured DCFM Vendor 2011


*Wisconsin State Journal 'The Magic of Mushrooms' May 14 2010

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